Granting Service Accounts Receive As and Send As Permissions

We recently needed to add a service account to have Send-As and Receive-As permissions on one of our Exchange 2007 databases.  I was able to do so by issuing the following commands.

First, I verified the user did not have the rights about to be assigned.

Get-Mailboxdatabase -Identity DBIdentity | Get-ADPermission -User SERVICEACCOUNT

I did not receive any results from the above cmdlet.

Next, I added the permissions to the database for the service account.

Get-Mailboxdatabase -Identity DBIdentity | Add-ADPermission -User SERVICEACCOUNT -AccessRights ExtendedRight -ExtendedRights receive-as, send-as

Once I issued that command, I verified they applied successfully by running the get-adpermission command again.

This worked for me but I cannot guarantee it will work for others.


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